AT&T USBConnect Mercury Sierra Wireless: “wireless device locked”

I had a user who needed to use an AT&T USBConnect Mercury Sierra Wireless dongle.

Device Details

After installing the software and running AT&T Communication Manager I found that the “Connect” button was greyed out and underneath and error reporting:

“wireless device locked”

The device was connecting to the mobile network and then dropping off and showing the message.

As this was sent from my NY office, I asked them to make sure that the SIM was activated on the network. It was not. After speaking with AT&T the SIM was activated and then I was able to connect with no issue.


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2 responses to “AT&T USBConnect Mercury Sierra Wireless: “wireless device locked””

  1. kearnsmlk says :

    i have same exact problem. so, how do u activate the sim?

    • ongoingissues says :

      kearnsmlk, you need to contact the network provider, eg T-Mobile, Vodafone, AT&T and get them to check that the SIM has been activated and ready for mobile broadband use.

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