Lotus Notes – Cannot write or create file (file or disk is read only)

When trying to open an mailfile (.nsf) from a CD-Rom I got the following error:

Error: “Cannot Write or Create File (file or disk is read only)”

To work around this I copied the file locally, and right clicked the nsf file > Properties

I then took of the “Read only” attribute (un-ticked)

Once done the file then opened in Lotus Notes.

This happens because Lotus Notes needs to rebuild the index and thus has no access when on read only.

Here is the IBM Technote for this issue:


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3 responses to “Lotus Notes – Cannot write or create file (file or disk is read only)”

  1. Soumya Sarkar says :


    Saw your post as I was also getting the same error but my .nsf file is already on the desktop PC instead of a CD-ROM and all my .nsf files have “Read Only” attribute removed. Still I am unable to create any documents, attach files to my email. Worried…..


  2. Jenny says :

    This one is the most common issue with Lotus Notes. To work on Lotus Notes is not an easy task and when such error comes it creates a horrifying work experience for a user. Thankfully I was one from them but not now. Last April, I switched to Outlook from irritating Lotus Notes. Though migration is not free but it is secure with Stellar NSF to PST converter tool.

  3. 80hd says :

    Wow, THANKS JENNY! You’re the best most unbiased source of pertinent information ever!!

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