The Complete Guide to Google Wave

If you are lucky enough to have a Google Wave account, which I am, then I know from feedback I have received, some people are finding it hard to use. That’s where “The Complete Guide to Google Wave” comes in handy. Written by Gina Tapani, founder of Lifehacker and Gina loves Google Wave and has spoken how a web app has never inspired her as much has Google Wave has.

This is going to be available as an online book, and also in paperback form and will be continually updated as Wave grows and develops. Gina is using the online Wiki format and has said that people will also be able to contribute to the site much like Wikipidia

The guide is currently broken up into the following chapters:

Chapter 1

Meet Google Wave

Find out what Google Wave is and what problems it solves.

Chapter 2

Get Started with Wave

Set up your Wave account and create your first wave.

Chapter 3

Manage Your Wave Contacts

Find and add people and groups to collaborate with in Wave.

Chapter 4

Find and Organize Waves

Tag, file, search, and filter waves.

Chapter 5

Dive Deeper into Wave

Add rich content to your waves like maps and photo slide shows.

Chapter 6

Master Wave’s Interface

Navigate Wave from the keyboard and customize your Wave interface.

Chapter 7

Wave Gadgets

Add interactive content to your waves with gadgets.

Chapter 8

Wave Bots

Automatically update the contents of your waves with bots.

Appendix A

What Wave Can’t Do

It’s not just you. See what’s NOT working in the current version of Wave, and what features the Wave team has promised are coming.

Appendix B

Contribute to The Complete Guide to Google Wave

So check it out at:
and master the art of making a Wave!

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  1. andy says :

    Online collaborating and teaching can work, If you have trust and the right tools.I recently tried – good app for uploading documents and working on them in real-time.Most file types are supported and it needs no installation. – andy

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