Windows XP Start Bar

I have never really understood why people have problems with the Windows Taskbar when they move it by accident. They seem to freak out shouting “I don’t know what I’ve done”? Instead of thinking, I know, this is Windows, I can drag and drop, why don’t I try that; they get straight on the phone to their local I.T department.

I had this today and asked what they had tried. The response,

nothing…..I don’t know what I’ve done

when I suggested

Why don’t you try dragging and dropping the tool bar back down to the bottom

the response was

how do I do that

now come on, really?

Just hold down your left mouse button anywhere where you see blue on the blue bar and drag down to the bottom


It’s not working!?

I visit the user and drag it down straight away to which the user exlaimed

You’ve got the magic touch!

to which I replied

No, I just understand the concept of drag and drop

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