Google Public DNS – Will you use it?

On December 3rd Google announced that they are launching Google Public DNS. You can see the announcement here: Introducing Google Public DNS: A new DNS resolver from Google

So will you be using it? I have started to and so have a few of my friends. One of these friends have done some bench mark tests and has reported an improvement in speed. I will do my own tests at some point in the future.
I know the next question, what about security. Well again, the same friend who has run the bench mark tests pointed out that we have no idea who the default DNS is an what their data retention policies are. Google is being very transparent about how they handle your data. This information can be found here: Googles Privacy Policy
For full information on Google DNS visit:
Where you will find:
Getting Started
  • Introduction
  • Using Google Public DNS
Technical Information
  • Performance Benefits
  • Security Benefits
So make your mind up from this information and let me know if you will be joining Google Public DNS.

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