Microsoft Word – Find and replace ", " with a return

I had a user who had a long list of email addresses which were separated by a coma, looking a little something like this:,,,,,,,,,
The user wanted the list to appear as a list:
and wanted to know the quickest way to do it. I suggest using the find and replace function. In this example I am using Microsoft Word.
I copied the list of email addresses into Word in the format much like the first example. After doing so I then went to:
Edit > Replace
You will then be presented with the “Find and Replace” dialogue box. Here I then used the following criteria:
Find what: , [include the space]
Replace with: ^p
^p is the code for Paragraph Mark. You can type this in manually or it can be found under:
Special > Paragraph Mark
You can now run a Replace to test that the command is functioning correctly and then Replace All.

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