Search for online bargains

Here are a few sites that can help you save money online:

This is a shop bot and comparison site that has more than 100 million offers listed. Customer reviews are available to read and you can benefit from a wide range of discounts and offers. The site claims to catalogue every offer from every online shop and, unlike some price-comparison sites, doesnt’ just list the offers from its commercial partners.
Again, this site lists millions of products with a great My Price feature. You can enter your email address and the most you would like to pay for a product and the site checks for that product every time the shops update their prices. It will then email you when a shop has the product for or below your maximum set price with a link to the shop’s website.
They have links to more than 1,000 retailers and brings price cuts as they happen or soon after. You can search for a specific product or find the voucher codes to use online.

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2 responses to “Search for online bargains”

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