Google let’s you remove the background

After it’s forced release Google have now made it possible to remove the background.  You have a Google coloured icon at the top right hand side of the Google title:


This is the “Click to view today’s doodle” button.  This then removes the background and gives you a normal looking search page. You are then given the option to go “Back to my image”

backtomyimage - ongoing issues link

So this does not really turn off the background fully.  You will also notice that they have added a “Remove background image” link at the bottom left hand side of the page:

removebackgroundimage - Ongoing Issue Link

When you click this it will remove the background and you will also be taken back to the standard looking Google search page.  You will notice that you have the option to”Change background image”

changebackgroundimage - ongoing issue graphic

You have now turned off the background.

I hope they don’t keep this option here for long as it is starting to make the Google page look very messy, just like the background image did.


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