Tiny rant: lenovo X201 squeeky noise

We here at Ongoing Issues like the Lenovo ThinkPad range, but seriously, your X201’s are so annoying.  They squeak like little mice all thanks to the use of cheap components.  It’s really annoying!!!!!


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6 responses to “Tiny rant: lenovo X201 squeeky noise”

  1. Jesse B Andersen says :

    Any ideas what’s causing that squeak sound?

  2. Jesse B Andersen says :

    So basically there’s not much one can do to fix it themselves. They would have to send the unit back to Lenovo.

  3. jeremiah johnson says :

    In my case it is definitely fan noise. It sounds like a high-frequency whine, is very annoying and IBM fixed it for me free of charge.

  4. Andrew says :

    I have the same problem. However, I recently tried installing Ubuntu instead of Windows 7 on my computer and that seemed to get rid of the sounds entirely. Not sure why….

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