Use Skype To Go from any phone to save you money when Abroad

Skype Logo Ongoing IssuesSkype have announced “Skype To Go“.  You can make calls from any mobile or landline at Skype’s fantastic rates.  You supply a number to Skype and they give you a unique Skype To Go number:

Here’s how the magic works. Let’s say your aunt lives in Australia and you live in New York.
Simply give us your aunt’s number in Australia, and we’ll convert it into a unique Skype To Go number with a New York area code.

Then, all you need to do is call this number from your mobile or landline, and you can talk right away to your aunt in Australia at Skype’s amazing rates.

You use your Skype Credit or subscription to get the same rates you use from your Skype client on your computer or media phone but of course, with nothing to install.

They advise you about other charges:

Local operator charges may apply when calling a Skype To Go number. When using a mobile, inclusive minutes may apply. When using Skype Credit the standard connection fee applies.

Skype To Go is free and you can have up to 9 people on your list.  Once again, Skype are looking ahead and making their fabulous service available to everyone.  This is a really good idea and will serve those who may not be able to access the web in the more remote areas but do have a land line or possibly a mobile phone.


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