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Moo integrates with Facebook so you can create business cards from your Timeline

moo logo Ongoing Issues GraphicThe amazing Moo have struck a deal with Facebook to create business cards out of your Timeline profile pictures.

You can already create cards from your Facebook photo albums but Moo is integrated directly inside Facebook and this is where the process starts. Facebook’s 800m users Timelines will have a link to let you instantly create personalised business cards. You can use your profile picture, cover photo, quotes and other personal details.

Moo’s chief executive and founder Richard Moross said,

“ is very excited to announce this integration with Facebook to provide a revolutionary new customer experience that brings together Facebook Timeline with MOO’s high-quality printed products,”


Moo Facebook business card timeline - Ongoing Issues

This is an amazing move for Moo and also for Facebook.  It will increase Moo’s business by far and encourage Facebook users to move over to their new Timeline format.

If you want to know exactly how it works then click here.

If you’re one of the first 200,000 users to sign up to the service, you will get a bundle of 50 free personalised cards!

Get your Facebook business cards here.

Instagram now posts full size pictures to your Facebook timeline

instagram logo - Ongoing Issue imageGood news guys, the amazing Instagram has now made it so that you can post full size Instagram pics to your Facebook and Timeline.

Once configured an album named “Instagram photos” will be created.  You can even share past photos by following these simple instructions:

This is a smart move by Instagram as they have now extended their reach to a potential 800 million active users.  Of these users on average, more than 250 million photos are uploaded per day.


Check out Facebook behind the scenes

Facebook Icon - Ongoing Issues PNGThe Next Web put up a nice post with videos from MTV’s  “The Diary Of Facebook”:

They are quite interesting to watch.  Nothing really surprising nowadays though, we all know young run companies such as these are all uber cool looking to work at.  Shame you need a degree just to get through the door though.

Skype for Android runs on Galaxy S but needs Android 2.2

Skype Icon - Ongoing Issues ImageSkype have announced it has updated its Android app.  If you have a Samsung Galaxy S running Android 2.2 then you are luck. You can also save the new version of Skype on any Android 2.2 handset’s SD memory card.

You can update here:

Skype for Android QR code - Ongoing Issues Link

Facebook for Android OS release 1.5

Facebook Icon - Ongoing Issues PNGFacebook has released it’s Android OS app to version 1.5.  The latest release has some great improvements to offer to its users. Andorid OS users will have the chance to enjoy in Facebook Chat functionality just like desktop or iPhone users.  Chat mode can be set to work in background.  They have also released push notifications for incoming messages and other content.  This is a feature I am sure many Android users will appreciate.

Facebook Places Promo Vid

Facebook have released a very well shot promo video for Facebook Places:

What do you think about it?

Facebook reaches 500 Million Users

Facebook Icon - Ongoing Issues PNGLast night Facebook reached 500 Milion users.  It has achieved this in just six years which is very impressive.  Here are some statistics:

  • Globally Facebook has 500 Million users, 26 Million of who are from the UK which is a third of it’s population
  • More than 3 Billion pictures are uploaded every month
  • There are more than 60 Million status updates a day
  • Collectively users spend more than 700 Billion minutes a month on Facebook
  • On average you create 90 pieces of content every month
  • The average amount of friends is 130
  • 30 Billion pieces of content, news, blogs, weblinks etc, are shared each month

Facebook now covers an amazing 8% of the worlds population.  If the total amount of users were to form a country then it would be the third largest in the world.