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Turn Off Importance Markers in Gmail

Reflective Gmail Icon - Ongoing Issues GraphicDon’t use Gmail’s priority inbox?  Fed up of seeing the importance markers?  Well here is how you turn them off!

  • In Gmail go to Settings > Inbox
  • Click the No markers radio box
  • Now click the Save Changes button

Then you’re all done!


Create a Google Profile Button for your website

Google have released an easy tool to create a Google Button for your profile.  Simply put in your Google Profile URL, select the style button you would like and copy the created code onto your site.  Simple.

Google Profile Button Screen Capture - Ongoing Issues

Keyboard shortcut for Euro Symbol in Lotus Notes

Lotus Notes Icon - Ongoing Issue PicTo get the euro symbol in Lotus Notes, use this very easy key combination:

Alt+F1 followed by “C” and then “=”

simple right?


Get the Verizon UML290 4G USB modem working on a Mac

Pantech UML290 4G USB Modem - Ongoing Issue PictureOur friends over at The Unofficial Mac Blog show you how to get the Verizon UML290 4G USB modem working on your Mac:

Verizon Wireless launched its 4G LTE network across the United States on December 5, 2010 and left many Mac users unhappy when they found that the two 4G USB modems that are currently available, the Pantech UML290 and LG VL600, were both listed as compatible only with Windows XP, Vista and 7.

Fortunately, there are people who are willing to try to overcome hurdles that are unintentionally put in the way of Mac users, so there are now instructions on how to set up your Mac to work properly with the Pantech modem.

Check out their post to find out how here:

AVG 2011 Update Crashes 64-bit Windows 7 – Fix It

AVG LOGO - Ongoing Issues ImageIf you have updated your AVG 2011 installation then you may be finding that it is crashing your Windows 7 64-bi machine.  Here is how you fix it:

How to disable AVG when the operating system cannot be started properly
If you suspect that an AVG component is preventing your computer from starting properly, follow the steps below to verify the situation.

  1. Use AVG Rescue CD to boot your computer.
  2. When the AVG Rescue CD is launched, select the Utilities -> File Manager menu item.
  3. Navigate to the mounted system drive. This will be /mnt/sda1/ in most cases.
  4. Within this drive, navigate to the /Windows/system32/drivers/ folder.- Rename (using the F6 key) all files starting with avg (e.g. avgldx86.sys, avgtdix.sys, etc.) to back them up. You can change their extension from .sys to .bak, for example.
  5. Press CTRL+ALT+DELETE and reboot the system (make sure to remove the AVG Rescue CD from your optical drive before doing so).- Your system will boot without AVG being involved in the process.

AVG fix link:

Make Ubuntu Look Like Windows 7

ubuntu logo - Ongoing IssuesWe have already shown you how to make your Windows 7 / Vista install look like Mac OS X, and now Lifehacker show you how to make your Ubuntu Linux install look like Windows 7: