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Microsoft Hardware and Software Event May 2nd NY

Microsoft are holding a special hardware and software event in NY today, May 2nd at 9:30AM ET / 6:30AM PT.

Microsoft fan Tom Warren reports on what we can expect from this event in his latest Verge post:

Microsoft’s Chromebook event: what to expect

Tom expects to see:

  • A new version of Windows 10 to compete with Chrome OS
  • Microsofts own answer to Chromebook
  • A focus on Education
  • A view into the future of Microsoft Office

Make sure you check out Tom’s article for full information on his predictions.

We are excited to see what Microsoft has to introduce to us and you never know, they may have further surprises up their sleeve!


Microsoft Release First Surface Advert

Microsoft have released their first advert for their tablet the Surface.

It’s a mix of dance and sound that doesn’t really show anything about the tablets function, more that it has a clip on keyboard that snaps into place, just like the iPad’s Smart Case, and a pop out hinge.

All in all we find this ad a little cheesy considering their first launch video was a lot more dramatic and hard hitting.


Microsoft Release Security Essentials 2

Microsoft Security EssentialsMicrosoft have released Security Essentials 2.

Lifehacker reports how they love it and the improvements:

but the addition of an heuristic engine bumps its power up quite a bit. It may be subject to a few more false positives, but you’re much less likely to get hit with malware than ever before.

It also includes some Windows Firewall integration that lets you tweak the Firewall from inside Security Essentials, as well as a network inspection feature that can inspect traffic as you browse

Check out their post here:

Microsoft to bring back Windows 7 family pack

Windows 7 home premium family pack - Ongoing Issues ImageWindows 7’s one year anniversary is on the way and it is said that Microsoft will bring back the family pack offer in the US on October 3rd.  The promo allows users with a valid Windows XP or Vista license on a PC that can run Windows 7 to purchase three Windows 7 Home Premium licenses for $150.  Snap that deal up without a second thought!

Look out for the offer in the UK on the 22nd October, the actual anniversary date for Windows 7.

New Internet Explorer 9 Picture

Is this the new IE9:

IE9 Screen Capture - Ongoing Issues

This picture turned up on the Russian Microsoft site and is now doing the rounds on the net.  Accident?  We don’t think so.

PC vs Mac Oh Please!

No doubt in response to Macs recent gain in market share, Microsoft have released a new section on their website called:

PC Vs Mac Microsoft - Ongoing Issues Image

and that’s enough said about that.

Microsoft to release multi-touch mouse

Microsoft are planning to release a multi-touch mouse.  Good luck with that.  Check out the report here: