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Apple Gossip – Magic Trackpad?

The FCC have approved a Bluetooth device for Apple.  The rumours are now starting about the Apple TrackPad:


Rumour: New MacBook Air

MacBook Air - Ongoing Issues PicSo the latest Apple rumour and prediction is that Apple will be releasing a new and improved MacBook Air.  We also heard a while back they may be dropping it completely.  What do you think?

iPod Touch rumours continue

The ongoing discussion about if the new iPod Touch will have a camera or not there is now talk about a front facing camera.  This would make sense seeing as there is talk that FaceTime will appear on the new Touch.  Here are the latest pictures spotted:

ipod touch4 front cam

So this is what we are saying:

  • Yes there will be a front and back camera on the new iPod Touch
  • Yes it will include the use of FaceTime

It makes the most sense.  It is an iPhone without the phone, it will be able to use FaceTime with the wireless connections, it makes sense.