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Keep your Subtitles in sync

If you download subtitle files, STR, and you have a problem with the syncronisation then we have just the thing for you. allows you to paste the STR file into a box and then specify the amount of time that the titles are out by.  For example, they may be 2 seconds out.  Specify this and it will update the timecodes within the text.  You then paste the updated text back over and there you have it.

You can find Endless Subtitles here:

Subtitles - Ongoing Issues Image


Bored Torrent waiting? Play uTris in uTorrent

Waiting for your Bit Torrent download to complete?  Bored?  Then you need to play uTris!  uTorrent has an easter egg in it and here is how you get to it.

  1. Go to Menu > Help > About
  2. On the About screen click the letter t on your keyboard
  3. The uTris game appears

Now you’re ready to play.  Use the arrow keys to guide the bricks and to rotate hold the left of right arrow and press the up arrow.  Enjoy!

uTris - Ongoing Issues Pic

Collaborate with Google Extensions

Collaboration - Ongoing Issues GraphicHere at Ongoing Issues we are a big fan of Collaboration and so really enjoyed this post by WebWorkerDaily called “8 Useful Chrome Extensions for Collaboration“.  It covers Bookmark and Link sharing, file sharing and communication using products such as DropBox, GTalk, Evernote and more.  Check it out, we hope you enjoy.

The iPhone 4 buying guide

Need help deciding how you are going to buy the iPhone 4, outright, one contract, what contract?  Well, have released what they are calling “The Penultimate iPhone 4 Buying Guide – 6 Networks, 102 Packages“.  Here the guide covers all tariffs and buying options which makes quite an interesting read and I am sure will help you make the right choice for you.

Buy iPhone 4 - Ongoing Issue graphic

Reuse your old iPhone

iphone recycle ongoing issue pictureHave you got the new iPhone 4, not selling your old iPhone and wonder what you can do with it?  Life Hacker give you some suggestions:

Downgrade your 3GS from iOS 4 back to 3.1.3

Are you experiencing a slow device and multiple issues since upgrade to iOS 4, well fear not.  Lifehacker shows us the best way to downgrade back to iPhone OS 3.1.3.  Check out the report here:[s]-from-ios-4-to-ios-313