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What’s new in TweetDeck 0.34

TweetDeck have release version 0.34 for Mac, so what’s new.  Well after the upgrade you are presented with this rather lovely dialogue box:

tweetdeck ongoing issues graphic

As you can see, a few of the features are:

  • Schedule updates
  • Upload Videos
  • Global filtering
  • Social Network integration

Check out the following YouTube video from TweeDeck explaining more:


Opera Mini installed on 2.6 million iPhones

ongoing issue opera imageOpera, a favorite browser for many, has found it’s way onto 2.6 million iPhones.  This is something of an achievement it must be said.  The Opera app has been in the store for only 2 weeks, making the iPhone number 5 mobile device in the UK for using Opera.

O2 report service issues in the UK

O2 report the following:

There’s an issue affecting data services in some parts of the UK. Sorry – we’re working to restore full service as quickly as possible

Lotus Notes: The linked document cannont be found in the view

User was trying to open attachments in a Lotus Notes email and was getting the following error message:

The linked document cannont be found in the view

This is due to corrupt bookmark.nsf.

c:\documents and settings\[username]\Local Settings\Application Data\Lotus\Notes\Data
or location you have installed Lotus Notes

1. Rename bookmarks.nsf to bookmarks.old
2. Delete: cache.ndk, desktop5.ndk
3. Open Notes

The Issues Begin

This blog is going to be nothing amazing, simply a log of support issues and fixes from day to day. Some issue fixes may be helpful others amazing.

If this blog helps someone in the search for an answer then that is great!

Let the issues begin!