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YouTube release YouTube Capture

YouTube CaptureYouTube have released their new product YouTube Capture.

This app allows iPhone and iPod Touch users to share video easily and then “upload videos to YouTube, Google+, Facebook and Twitter simultaneously, or share privately with friends and family”.

There is also a nice auto enhance feature that offers “automatic colour correction, stabilisation, trimming and music tracks”.

We think this app will be successful in encouraging users to add content to their YouTube channel.  We are yet to test the app and see how good it’s editing features are, but we expect them not to disappoint.

Check out the YouTube Capture video below to give you a little insite into the  app in action:


LinkedIn and Twitter Hook Up

LinkedIn and Twitter have hooked up together in partnership to offer cross platform posting for Status Updates.

An announcement was released on their blog yesterday which can be found here:
You can also check out a video of Reid Hoffman and Biz Stone talking about the partnership:
The integration works on the Twitter side what makes this more interesting is because you can choose between two versions:
  • You can use the Twitter settings to send all of your tweets, or
  • select certain tweets from Twitter back to LinkedIn as a status update which you mark with the hashtag #li or #in.

Will you be using this new feature?

Media Phones bring the internet and email to those who don’t have home broadband

When I say Media phone I am referring to internet ready phones like the HTC Hero, Palm Pre, iPhone etc. Mobile phones which let you see the internet, use it and also send emails and share media content such as photo and video.

My partners mother does not have broadband in her home. She never has, and I don’t think she will any time soon. She has spent life without the internet and can’t really use a PC. Last week something out of the blue happened. She got an iPhone. This has opened up a whole new world for her. She can now surf the internet (missing out on flash), send emails, shop online, pay bills, check her account, all from one device without the need for home broadband. Not to forget social network such as Facebook, YouTube etc. Fantastic.
This got me thinking how great our media mobile phones are right now. She is now connected to the internet community. It just goes to show, as our media phones develop and as we can do more and more with the device, will home broadband really be required for those people who are not hardcore users? I think it won’t.

I would just like to point out that if you have an iPhone and you don’t have broadband at home, then you will need to find someone who does. The iPhone requires that you have iTunes and an internet connection to activate it for the first time.

QuickTime X

As well as the support issues I come across I have decided I will also post now and then things that I enjoy with Tech.

I just wanted to talk about QuickTime X real quick. I love the new interface, but what I really wanted to comment on was the fact that I was able to upload a video directly to YouTube from QuickTime. The interface for that works very nicely. It is simple and as most Mac users say, it just works.

That was my first YouTube video upload BTW.