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Go Daddy Indeed!

So, what do you all think of the new Go Daddy advert then?



Microsoft Release First Surface Advert

Microsoft have released their first advert for their tablet the Surface.

It’s a mix of dance and sound that doesn’t really show anything about the tablets function, more that it has a clip on keyboard that snaps into place, just like the iPad’s Smart Case, and a pop out hinge.

All in all we find this ad a little cheesy considering their first launch video was a lot more dramatic and hard hitting.


Lady Gaga’s Google Chrome Advert

Lady Gaga appears in Google Chrome’s advert.  I think it is a great way of showing how Lady Gaga communicates with her fans.  She embraces the technology fully and so this is very fitting.  Check it out here:

Samsung Galaxy Tab Advert

Check out the Galaxy Tab ad.  We quite like it.

Still doesn’t justify the price though does it!?

Motorola take a dig at Apple with their latest Ad

Motorola take a little dig at Apple with their latest Ad pointing out the lack of flash on an iPhone:

motodroid 2 Ad - Ongoing Issues Image

Facebook Places Promo Vid

Facebook have released a very well shot promo video for Facebook Places:

What do you think about it?