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The latest iPad 3 rumours

iPad corner shot grab - Ongoing Issues picSo it’s that time for the iPad 3 rumours, and here are a couple of links for you to check out:



rumours include:

  • Slightly thicker
  •  FaceTime HD camera
  • Back camera will be the same 8MP in the iPhone 4S



Apple gives us new stuff

Look at all the lovely new stuff Apple are giving us:

The new iPod Touch with FaceTime, Retina Display, HD video recorder and Game center:

New iPod Touch - Ongoing Issues Pic

The new iPod Shuffle with Multi-Touch

New iPod nano - Ongoing Issues Pic

The new iPod nano with new VoiceOver and the return of controls.

New iPod Shuffle - Ongoing Issues Pic

The awaited release of Apple tv, rent HD films and stream media content from your PC, all for £99

New Apple TV - Ongoing Issues Pic

and now iTunes 10 with the new social network for music, Ping.

iTunes 10 - Ongoing Issues Pic

FaceTime for iPod Touch

FaceTime Icon - Ongoing Issue Graphic9to4mac.com have posted in-depth details about the iPod Touch getting FaceTime.  We mentioned in a previous post that we think that this would make sense and also showed you a possible hardware leak, showing a Touch with front a front facing camera.

Check out the interesting report from 9 to5Mac here:


Using FaceTime on a plane

Check out this video of a guy using FaceTime with his iPhone 4 on a plane:

iPod Touch rumours continue

The ongoing discussion about if the new iPod Touch will have a camera or not there is now talk about a front facing camera.  This would make sense seeing as there is talk that FaceTime will appear on the new Touch.  Here are the latest pictures spotted:

ipod touch4 front cam

So this is what we are saying:

  • Yes there will be a front and back camera on the new iPod Touch
  • Yes it will include the use of FaceTime

It makes the most sense.  It is an iPhone without the phone, it will be able to use FaceTime with the wireless connections, it makes sense.

iPod Touch to get FaceTime?

It was only a matter of time before the rumour that FaceTime would be appearing on the new iPod Touch, what with talk of a camera being added to the range.  It would make sense, so watch this space.