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The UK to get the Galaxy Nexus in white!

samsung galaxy nexus white - Ongoing IssuesAll of you who have been waiting for the Galaxy Nexus to be available in white in the UK, the wait is over.  Handtec have  said that there will be two new models.  Black 32GB and White 16GB.

They are said to be due on February 6th and have Android 4.0.  Prices for  the white should be around £497 unlocked and and the Black should costs £600 unlocked.

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Smart Adopter helps you Root and Flash ROMs

Smart Adopter - Ongoing Issues Image LinkOur friends over at Smart Adopter have just posted something very helpful.  It’s a brief guide to rooting and flashing ROMs based on an HTC Desire and Android 2.2.  The one click root will however work on any of the newest HTC handsets.  The principles for the flashing are the same across the board.  Check it out here:

HTC Desire and Android 2.2/Froyo: A brief guide to rooting and flashing ROMs

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Simple Root – One Click Unlock for HTC Evo 4G

Rooting an Android phone often involves entering commands into a terminal or working through multi-step procedures. Not so with the Sprint Evo 4G, which you can root and modify to your heart’s content with a one-click Simple Root tool.

More from Life Hacker here:


HTC threatens handset hackers with legal action

MobileCrunch are reporting that HTC threatens handset hackers with legal action for distributing ROMs.

According to HTC, Shipped-ROMs is stepping out of line by “illegal copying … HTC¡¦s original art work.” Do they use “art work” literally (as in the visuals)? Or are they ambiguously using the term to classify all of their code and other work as art? Who knows. One way or another, HTC is pissed.

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Sirius XM, blocked on AT&T Android phones

electronista is reporting that Sirius XM, non-Market apps blocked on AT&T Android phones.

AT&T was alleged today to be blocking the use of the Sirius XM app on its Android phones. Both the new HTC Aria and Motorola Backflip prevent downloading of the title as the two have a known, carrier-imposed ban on downloading any apps outside of Android Market, even though the OS itself normally allows this. It’s unclear why Sirius XM’s app isn’t officially in the market itself, but its presence outside Google’s store denies it as an option.

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