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EE Have Network Issue With Voice

EE are currently experiencing issues with their network where customers are unable to make any outbound calls to land lines or other networks.

EE are said to be actively working to resolve the issue.

You can use EE’s Network Service Checker to keep up to date:



iOS 8 Upgrade Issue – No Space Work Around

iOS 8 Upgrade ImageWe’re sure you’re all updating your iPhone’s and iPad’s with the latest iOS 8, but there are reports that due to space issues, some of you are having issues.  Check out this helpful guide from Mashable on ways round getting your device updated without deleting apps, pictures and video.



Apple Software Update: Remote Desktop Client Update 3.5.1

Apple Update Icon - Ongoing Issue GraphicThe 3.5.1 update is recommended for all Apple Remote Desktop clients and addresses several issues related to overall reliability, usability and compatibility.

For detailed information on this update, please visit this website: http://support.apple.com/kb/HT4715

Tumblr having service issues

It would seem that Tumblr are having some real issues of recent with service outages at regular intervals. Their service seem to be getting overloaded and suffering from
Bandwidth issues. Let’s hope they get this sorted soon as users are not impressed.

Downgrade your 3GS from iOS 4 back to 3.1.3

Are you experiencing a slow device and multiple issues since upgrade to iOS 4, well fear not.  Lifehacker shows us the best way to downgrade back to iPhone OS 3.1.3.  Check out the report here:


iTouch Backups slow?

Since the release of iOS 4 there everyone is upgrading.  People who have the iPhone seem to be able to backup quickly, but it would seem that the iTouch takes an age to backup.  Anyone else experiencing this?


Cult of Mac are reporting upgrade issues here:

Phone 3G owners trying to upgrade to iOS 4 are reporting numerous issues with the update process, including updates that take hours and failed updates resulting in the sinister error 3002. Fortunately, though, there are ways to get around both by restoring your iPhone 3G instead of updating it………..