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Create a Hard Copy Installer For Mac OS X Mountain Lion

Mac-OS-X-Mountain-Lion - Ongoing IssuesSo you can download and upgrade to Apple’s latest OS X release Mountain Lion, but for those of you who would like a hard copy of the OS and perhaps run a fresh install, follow these instructions put together by LifeHacker:

The Easy Option: Use Lion DiskMaker

Lion Disk Maker is a donationware app from Serial Server. Version 2rc2 burns Mountain Lion or Lion to an external drive or DVD. You’ll need at least an 8GB USB flash drive, USB/Firewire drive, or SD card to make the bootable disk or dual-layer writable DVD (Update: regular single-layer DVDs are too small). Note that the program will overwrite all files on your USB drive or SD card when creating the bootable disk.

Lion Disk Maker finds your copy of Lion downloaded to your Applications folder, asks you what media type you want to use to create the install disk, then handles the rest.

DIY Option: Use OS X’s Built-in Disk Utility

The steps for burning Mountain Lion to disk are essentially the same as the ones for Lion:

  1. Download Lion from the Mac App Store—but don’t install it yet, because of the disappearing installer issue noted above.
  2. Find the installer in your Applications folder and right-click on it then select “Show Package Contents.” Head to Contents > SharedSupport and look for the file called “InstallESD.dmg”
  3. Open up Disk Utility from your Applications > Utilities folder and drag the DMG file into the sidebar on the left.
  4. If you’re burning to DVD: insert your disk, select the DMG file in the sidebar, and hit “Burn.” Skip to step 6.
  5. If you’re burning to USB, you’ll need to first format the drive properly:
    • Insert the disk and select it in the sidebar in Disk Utility. Select the Partition tab, select “1 Partition” from the dropdown menu and choose “Mac OS Extended (Journaled)” for the format type.
    • Click the Options button and choose “GUID Partition Table”—this will make the drive bootable and formatted correctly for the Mac. Hit Apply to format—which will completely erase—the drive.
    • Now click the Restore tab and choose the DMG file as your source and the USB drive as the destination. Hit the Apply button to make it happen.
  6. Finally, to boot from your install disk/drive and install Mountain Lion, restart your Mac and hold the Option key down when you hear the startup chime.

Besides installing Mountain Lion, your installer disk/drive will have the host of handy utilities on it such as Disk Utility and Time Machine recovery. Note that when you install Mountain Lion, you’ll have a recovery partition on your drive in case something goes wrong. That said, it’s always nice to have a disc or flash drive handy in the event you need to perform a clean install.

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Lifehacker bring us their top 5 video editors

video cut - ongoing issue imageLifehacker have just posted their top 5 video editors which include:

  • iMovie (Mac OS)
  • Sony Vegas Pro (Windows)
  • Final Cut Pro (Mac OS)
  • AVID (Windows/Mac OS)
  • Adobe Premiere Pro (Windows/Mac OS )

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Microsoft Release Security Essentials 2

Microsoft Security EssentialsMicrosoft have released Security Essentials 2.

Lifehacker reports how they love it and the improvements:

but the addition of an heuristic engine bumps its power up quite a bit. It may be subject to a few more false positives, but you’re much less likely to get hit with malware than ever before.

It also includes some Windows Firewall integration that lets you tweak the Firewall from inside Security Essentials, as well as a network inspection feature that can inspect traffic as you browse

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Lifehacker bring you their best Apps

Android ToyLifehacker bring to you their Pack for Android, a listing of their favourite Apps.  They cover the following areas:

  • Productivity
  • Internet/Communication
  • Location-Aware
  • Utilities
  • Media
  • Photography
  • Backup and Security
  • Food, Shopping, and Entertainment
  • Photography

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iOS4 Shortcuts, features and settings

Lifehacker bring to you the need to know shortcuts, features and settings for iOS4:


Lifehacker’s 5 Best – Diagnostic tools

Lifehacker Logo ongoing issues graphicLifehacker have released their lates poll asking you what is your favorite diagnostic tool?  You can vote on the following:

  • Hiren’s BootCD
  • SIW
  • Google
  • Ubuntu Live CD
  • UBCD4Win
  • Other

I have had experience with a few of these tools and find them most helpful.  I must say that there is nothing like having an Ubuntu Live CD to hand for some of those awkward moments.

Stop over to Lifehacker now to post your vote: