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Microsoft Release First Surface Advert

Microsoft have released their first advert for their tablet the Surface.

It’s a mix of dance and sound that doesn’t really show anything about the tablets function, more that it has a clip on keyboard that snaps into place, just like the iPad’s Smart Case, and a pop out hinge.

All in all we find this ad a little cheesy considering their first launch video was a lot more dramatic and hard hitting.


Want to Snap and Shake on a Mac like Windows 7?

We use the Snap function in Windows 7 a lot when using our PC’s, but this is a feature that sadly has never been available in Mac OS X.  Well iSnap now lets Mac users have that functionality.

It doesn’t work with Microsoft Office right now and Firefox and Chrome seem to only function with the keyboard shortcuts, but we are sure they are working on this functionality as we speak.

Download iSnap here:


iSnap screen shot - Ongoing Issues

Smart Folders lets you create folders in Windows iOS style

Love the way that you can create folders in iOS by simply dragging an app onto another and naming it?  Well Smart Folders lets you do much the same thing in Windows.  Check out their video below:

Download Smart Folders for Windows only, free here:


Naughty Comet sold 94,000 “counterfeit” copies of Windows XP and Vista

Microsoft Vs Comet - Ongoing Issues PictureElectronic retailer Comet is being sued by Microsoft for allegedlly selling more than 94,000 counterfeit recovery CDs of Windows Vista and Windows XP.

The parent company of Comet, Kesa Electricals, has denied the accusations.  They said that they would,

“defend its position vigorously”.

The counterfeits are said to have been produced in a factory in Hampshire and then sold to customers in its retail stores across the UK.


Nokia’s Lumia 800 battery issues, fix on the way!

Nokia lumia 800 - Ongoing Issue GrabThose of you who have been having battery issues with the Nokia’s Lumia 800 then there is hope.  There will be a fix released in the few days.  Let’s hope this solves the power issues users have been having.

Skype for iPad is on the way

Skype Logo Ongoing IssuesSkype design VP Rick Osterloh has confirmed the development of a Skype app for the iPad.  Where as we would have been exited about this in the past, we can’t help but feel a little disheartened due to the fact Microsoft now have their hands on Skype.  We and a lot of people are calling this the end to an amazing product!

Check out more on this story here:



Here is a leaked video:

Microsoft fights Apple’s “App Store” trademark

Microsoft is asking the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office to deny Apple a trademark on the name “App Store.”