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Motorola Tablet Video Teaser

Motorola tablet covered - Ongoing Issues ImageCheck out Mototola’s teaser trailer for their new tablet, to be unveiled at CES 2011.  They have decided to take a pop at Apple referring to the iPad, “It’s like a giant iPhone, but… it’s like a giant iPhone”.


Motorola take a dig at Apple with their latest Ad

Motorola take a little dig at Apple with their latest Ad pointing out the lack of flash on an iPhone:

motodroid 2 Ad - Ongoing Issues Image

R2-D2 Special Edition Droid 2 picture leak?

Check out the supposed leaked picture of Motorola’s limited addition version of the Droid 2, the Star Wars R2-D2 Empire Strikes Back special edition.

R2D2 Droid 2

I am sure this is going to appeal to many Star Wars fans.  You can sign up for updates and follow updates on Twitter over at their teaser page:


R2D2 Droid2 tease page - Ongoing Issues Graphic

The Droid 2 is reported to feature a 1GHz processor with QWERTY slider and a 3.7-inch display.

Motorola Cliq delayed for upgrade to Android 2.1

Here is the word from Motorola:

For those asking for an update regarding a software upgrade on CLIQ in the U.S., we’ve made a decision to take more time on the release to optimize the experience in some key areas. We will continue to work to deliver it as soon as possible and apologize that we have been unable to provide an upgrade to these users in Q2 as planned.

We are working hard to provide an upgrade to Android 2.1 as soon as we can. Our consumers’ experience is our first priority and we will provide an upgrade when we can deliver the best possible user experience.

Droid X virtual keyboard for Android 2.1

Virtual keyboards might be sometimes hard to use because you can only use one button at the time and this is the main reason why people prefer multitouch virtual keyboard which the Motorola Droid X does have. It’s a lot easier and faster to use multitouch keyboard because you can press and hold shift key if you want to use uppercase letters. It feels more natural and it’s quite similar to the standard keyboard. All Android OS users will be happy to hear that Motorola Droid X virtual keyboard is available for Android phones as well.

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Adobe posts Flash 10 for Android, leaks Android 2.2 upgrades

Adobe today started shipping Flash 10.1 for Mobile. The initial release is targeted at devices running Android 2.2 and, initially, will only work with the Nexus One. However, it did inadvertently confirm a number of Android 2.2 upgrades for a handful of other devices that would let them run Flash, including the Dell Streak, Motorola’s Droid and Milestone, HTC’s Desire, Droid Incredible and Evo 4G, and the Samsung Galaxy S.

The rest of the report can be found here:

Read more: http://www.electronista.com/articles/10/06/22/adobe.outs.mobile.flash.10.only.for.android.22/#ixzz0rb1TvLEz