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Nokia’s Lumia 800 battery issues, fix on the way!

Nokia lumia 800 - Ongoing Issue GrabThose of you who have been having battery issues with the Nokia’s Lumia 800 then there is hope.  There will be a fix released in the few days.  Let’s hope this solves the power issues users have been having.


Nokia Star Trek Communicator Phone

Check out the Nokia Star Trek Communicator Phone:

Working cellphone made in the form of a Star Trek communicator. This is one of 14 numbered prototypes distributed internally at Nokia in 2008. I bought it on eBay from a former Nokia employee who received it as a gift and no longer works for the company.

This is a heavily-modified N76 with custom sounds, graphics, and hardware. It is very much a prototype and obviously in a late Alpha or early Beta stage.

A little different from our usual fare. Sorry it takes me so long to get to the device itself; would have made a shorter vid if I’d known this was going to be picked up by so many tech/Trek blogs. Hope you enjoy it! Shot with HTC Evo 4G

Nokia N8 Preview Video

Check out this Nokia N8 Preview video:

Will The Nokia N9 Have OLED Screen and 1GHz Snapdragon

After the leaked pictures of the Nokia N9 the speculations about spec are out:

Some preliminary, unofficial specs of the Nokia N9 smartphone have been leaked thanks to NokNok. The aluminum-bodied MeeGo device will purportedly get a four-inch OLED screen with a resolution of 800×480 — up from 640×360 on most Nokia phones — and will be powered by a 1GHz Snapdragon. There may otherwise be 512MB of RAM, 1GB of ROM and 64GB of storage space. A 32GB microSDHC memory card could add further space

Read the rest of the report here:


Nokia N9 leaked image - Ongoing Issues

Nokia Buys a Mobile Analytics Firm To Try and Become Relevant Again

Nokia have bought the Mobile Analytics firm http://motally.com/ to try an make their mobile apps more relevant for todays users.  As we all know Nokia have fallen behind greatly when it comes to the mobile market.  Once a company with huge inovation, it now needs to get up to date.

Check out this report:


Nokia Revamp and Release X3 Touch and Type

Nokia X3 Touch and Type - Ongoing Issues CaptureThe X3 combines a touch screen and keyboard together in a very slim line 0.38 inch aluminium shell.

It runs Symbian S40, has a five-megapixel camera and 802.11n Wi-Fi.  It is also full 10.2Mbps HSPA with quad-band.

Check out more of the specs here:


and a promo video here: