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Google launches G+ Local with Zagat scores

G+ Local mobile app - Ongoing IssuesGoogle has just announced that it has lunched Google+ Local.  It is a new way of sharing and finding local information across Google.  It has been integrated with:

  • Google+
  • Search
  • Maps
  • Mobile

They have partnered with Zagat to create scores and offer reviews based on users views and social interaction.  If you have an Android phone they are also rolling out this feature to Google Maps.  Hopefully iPhone users will have the same in the near future.

Google say:

Make smart decisions with Zagat’s summaries of user reviews and its expressive scoring system that helps you make a decision based on Food, Service, Decor and Price. The most comprehensive local information is now on Google. See Zagat reviews and scores in Search, Maps, Google+ and on your phone.

Look out for the Local button on your G+ ribbon which should have now magically appeared:

Local G+ button - Ongoing Issues

This is yet another move to get us using G+ even more, increase social interactivity and build a positive online community experience.  Having played with Local a little bit already, we can see the potential of this already and look forward to using it in more social situations and contributing to reviews.

Here are a couple of promotional videos for Local:


Google +1

Google Logo - Ongoing IssuesWe’re sure you have seen the news about Google +1, well here is the official vid to explain more:

Search free fonts

FontPark Logo - Ongoing Issues CaptureFontPark is a database packed with free fonts for both commercial and personal use.  They have over 70,000 free fonts which can be used for Mac, Windows and Linux.  The database is fully reachable and can be found here:


Google Realtime Search

We’ve had a few people as us about this.  Well here is what Google say:

Google Release “App Search”

Google have released “App Search” in its labs today which allows you to search from your email including matching results from your documents and sites.

Check out the full details on the Google Blog:


Are Facebook and Skype joining forces?

There are reports that Facebook is asking users to enter in their Skype details to search and connect with more contacts.  A report from TechCrunch gives us more details:


Facebook and Skype ongoing issues link

Google push background image

Today when a colleague and I opened up Chrome and faced with our Google search page there was a slight change, there was a background.  Most of us are aware that Google are now giving people the opportunity to set a background on their Google search page, but this was to be optional.  Now Google are giving you the following option:


“Curious about today’s homepage? Add your own background image now”

When you click the link, you are taken to your Google Account login and given a choice to change your background settings:


You can pick files from your computer, your Picasa Web photos, Public Gallery or the editors pick.

I am not sure that this is very useful, it takes away the simpleness that I like about the Google Search page, but I am sure that there are many who really appreciate this feature.

It doesn’t look like you can disable it at the moment, and we are looking for a way, but you can create a white image and upload it.


For the moment it looks like this is just in the UK.  May be it is a mistake, may be not.

Smart Adopter has a work around: http://smartadopter.wordpress.com/2010/06/10/google-search-backgroundhow-do-i-turn-off-this-bull1/