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Smart Folders lets you create folders in Windows iOS style

Love the way that you can create folders in iOS by simply dragging an app onto another and naming it?  Well Smart Folders lets you do much the same thing in Windows.  Check out their video below:

Download Smart Folders for Windows only, free here:


Lifehacker bring us their top 5 video editors

video cut - ongoing issue imageLifehacker have just posted their top 5 video editors which include:

  • iMovie (Mac OS)
  • Sony Vegas Pro (Windows)
  • Final Cut Pro (Mac OS)
  • AVID (Windows/Mac OS)
  • Adobe Premiere Pro (Windows/Mac OS )

Check out their full post here:


AVG 2011 Update Crashes 64-bit Windows 7 – Fix It

AVG LOGO - Ongoing Issues ImageIf you have updated your AVG 2011 installation then you may be finding that it is crashing your Windows 7 64-bi machine.  Here is how you fix it:

How to disable AVG when the operating system cannot be started properly
If you suspect that an AVG component is preventing your computer from starting properly, follow the steps below to verify the situation.

  1. Use AVG Rescue CD to boot your computer.
  2. When the AVG Rescue CD is launched, select the Utilities -> File Manager menu item.
  3. Navigate to the mounted system drive. This will be /mnt/sda1/ in most cases.
  4. Within this drive, navigate to the /Windows/system32/drivers/ folder.- Rename (using the F6 key) all files starting with avg (e.g. avgldx86.sys, avgtdix.sys, etc.) to back them up. You can change their extension from .sys to .bak, for example.
  5. Press CTRL+ALT+DELETE and reboot the system (make sure to remove the AVG Rescue CD from your optical drive before doing so).- Your system will boot without AVG being involved in the process.

AVG fix link:


IE9 not for XP

It is reported that IE9 will not be available for Windows XP.  Who really cares, we can use Chrome, Firefox or Opera instead.  If you’re not doing that already, you should.

Search free fonts

FontPark Logo - Ongoing Issues CaptureFontPark is a database packed with free fonts for both commercial and personal use.  They have over 70,000 free fonts which can be used for Mac, Windows and Linux.  The database is fully reachable and can be found here:


20 vulnerability fixes for Shockwave Player

Adobe have released 20 vulnerability fixes for it’s Shockwave Player.  The vulnerabilities are in versions of Shockwave Player up to version for both Apple’s Mac OS X and Microsoft Windows.

More here:


MSI WindPad 100

MSI’s WindPad 100 is supposed to be in the final stages of manufacturing cycle.  Gadgetlite reports:

Though nobody can guess the real configuration of MSI’s WindPad 100 yet one can be rest assured that it will carry a 1.66 GHz processor which should be Atom 530Z CPU. It will also have 32 GB SDD and 2 GB RAM.

The WindPad will carry Wind Touch UI overlay for amazing experience with HDMI plus 2x USB ports for external connections. The images that have been released show the MSI WindPad 100 as rested on a stand which gives the WindPad a lot sexier look.

MSI WindPad 100 - Ongoing Issues

Check out the full report with some more details here: