EE Have Network Issue With Voice

EE are currently experiencing issues with their network where customers are unable to make any outbound calls to land lines or other networks.

EE are said to be actively working to resolve the issue.

You can use EE’s Network Service Checker to keep up to date:

Mobile Providers and Ofcom to Put UK Behind Delivering 5G

Mobile network EE, now owned by BT ee-logo-1600x900mobile, is planning to take legal action against Ofcom over it’s choice to restrict the amount of airwaves each mobile operator can own.

Currently companies are stopped from owning more than 37% of usable spectrum by 2020.

Mobile network provider Three has already announced action against Ofcom.

What does that mean for us?

The UK has seen legal disputes over spectrum sales in the past which saw the delay in the delivery of 4G for years.

Ofcom have signalled that the delay of 5G to the UK would be delayed due to the current threat of legal action by mobile networks.  There response to the FT was,

“Consumers are using more mobile data every year. Any delays in releasing new airwaves risk harming people and businesses.”

It’s obvious that Ofcom will be happy to sit on this despite the impact to UK innovation and technological advances including affecting the population.

Squabbles like this should not be allowed to hold us back for the amount of time it has done in the past, wouldn’t you agree?

For now all we can do is sit and wait.

PayPal file Trademark Infringement Suit Against Pandora

PayPal Vs Pandora Logos - OngoingIssues

On May 15th PayPal filed a trademark infringement suit against internet radio streaming service Pandora.

PayPal claims that Pandora’s latest logo is too similar to their own layered blue P logo.  Apparently PayPal’s customers are confusing the two apps.

PayPal Vs Pandora Logos - OngoingIssues

PayPal fears it will cause it’s user a delay when they are looking for the app on their smartphone.

Mashable report that this has been going on for quite some time now with PayPal writing to Pandora directly seeking to resolve the their concerns via discussion.

What do you think about the logos?  Would you get confused between the two?  Do you think that Pandora should have made a change?  Please do add your comments below!

If you enjoy a good read of a lawsuit, you can do so here:

Mashable report:

iPhone 8 Set to be Over $1000?

iPhone 8 Concept Martin Hajek - Ongoing Issues

So the current hot topic on the iPhone 8 is price.  It is being speculated that the newest iPhone will cost over $1000 (£950 at current price Apple difference).  Do you think you would pay that for the latest and greatest iPhone?

I think we all agree, Apple really need to get this right in order for us to shell out that kind of money for a Smartphone.  I mean let’s put it into perspective, a top end iPad Pro is $999 (£909), a MacBook Air starts at $999 (£949), you can get an entry level iMac for $1099.00 (£1049) and a top end Mac Mini for $999 (£949).  The new iPhone has to be really special.

Only time will tell, and unfortunately nowadays the released rumours towards the release of a new Apple product tend to be near to correct, so no major surprises normally which is a real shame.  You never know though, maybe this will be the break through moment for Apple where they come back from what is often referred to as a lull period.

Check out Forbes report on why and how they think the iPhone 8 will be so expensive:

Credit iPhone Featured image: iPhone 8 Concept Martin Hajek

Siri Vs Google Assistant

Siri Vs Google Assistant Logos - Ongoing Issues

CNBC put Siri and Google Assistant head to head and we’re sure you won’t be surprised of the result.

That’s right, Google Assistant comes out on top!  Apple have needed to improve Siri for a long time.  You are often not given the answer you need or are simply referred to a Bing search, really, what use is that!

CNBC set the following challenges for each of the assistants:

  • Translate a line of English into Spanish
  • Ask how long it will take to get home
  • Where is the nearest petrol station
  • Play a music video on YouTube
  • Send a text
  • Ask about a market cap
  • Ask who won a sports game
  • Ask how tall a bridge is
  • Turn on lights
  • Show pictures of a location

Are you surprised about the results?  Let us know in the comments section below!

Check out CNBC’s full report here:

MacBook Refresh on The Way?

The Verge report that Apple may be updating their entire MacBook range at this years WWDC.

It’s expected that the MacBook Pro will see an upgraded to Intel’s Kaby Lake Processor and the MacBook Air seeing a processor seeing an upgrade too.  There is no mention of a screen update which  needed.

Apple certainly need to invest more into their laptop range as they are slowly slipping behind in desirability.  With laptops like the Dell XPS 13″ and Windows 10 constantly improving, especially with latest creators update, offering a range of tools to enable you to be creative online.

Check out The Verge’s report HERE.