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Fujitsu Arrows waterproof tablet

Fujitsu brings us their tablet but with a twist, it’s waterproof.  Check out SoldierKnowsBest‘s report:


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The UK to get the Galaxy Nexus in white!

samsung galaxy nexus white - Ongoing IssuesAll of you who have been waiting for the Galaxy Nexus to be available in white in the UK, the wait is over.  Handtec have  said that there will be two new models.  Black 32GB and White 16GB.

They are said to be due on February 6th and have Android 4.0.  Prices for  the white should be around £497 unlocked and and the Black should costs £600 unlocked.

Is this good news for you?

Google Launch Google Currents

Google Currents Logo - Ongoing Issues grabGoogle have launched a new service and App called Google Currents.  It is their magazine like content reader that brings to your iPhone, iPad, Android tablet or phone online and high speed offline reading.  Google offer a number of free optimised online magazines and other content.  Check out the video below:

For even more information check out Currents page:


Here are some of the main points they make:

Add your favorite content

  • Add your favorite content – From leading publications, to blogs you follow, you can browse, read, and share favorite content, presented in a swipable magazine format.
  • Follow trending stories – Let the breaking stories find you. Personalized “trends” pulls articles, photos and videos into living editions, surfacing new stories as they unfold.
  • Designed for all your device – Whether sitting on your couch, riding a train or plane, your Currents content is ready for highspeed reading on your Android or Apple phone or tablet.

All the information will of course be syncronised across your devices.  Google Currents is only available in the US at the moment.  We’re really looking forward to getting our hands on this over in UK, and can’t wait to start reading the reviews.

Winamp for Android Now Wirelessly Syncs with Macs

winamp android logo - ongoing issues linkThat’s right, the ever popular Winamp now syncs with your Mac wirelessly!

Samsung give hackers CyanogenMod a Galaxy S2

Samsung are making a rather good move in supplying the Android hack group CyanogenMod a Samsung S2, embracing the hacker community.  Check out the full story here:


Samsung to release iPod Touch Rival?

Samsung are to release an iPod Touch rival called called the Galaxy Player 4″ and 5″.  Check out the full report here:


Gmail for Android (Gingerbread) gets improved copy/paste in update

Gmail for Android UpdateGoogle have updated their Gmail App available from the Market that will:

  • fix custom labels, custom colours sync issues
  • improves copy/paste in Gingerbread
  • introduction of long-press to copy text with Android 2.3
  • Bug fixes

So not bad at all, this is a very good thing indeed for both Android and Gmail lovers.