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Turn Off Importance Markers in Gmail

Reflective Gmail Icon - Ongoing Issues GraphicDon’t use Gmail’s priority inbox?  Fed up of seeing the importance markers?  Well here is how you turn them off!

  • In Gmail go to Settings > Inbox
  • Click the No markers radio box
  • Now click the Save Changes button

Then you’re all done!


Google is going to Kill it’s Gmail App for Blackberry

Now this is not good news.  Gmail is killing it’s Blackberry app and I feel killing of a very important experience for Blackberry users.  The client was so helpful, clean looking and functional so many will be disappointed.  Google say:

Beginning November 22, 2011, we will end support for the Gmail App for Blackberry (installed native app). Over this past year, we’ve focused efforts on building a great Gmail experience in the mobile browser and will continue investing in this area.

Users may continue to use the app, if installed, however it will not be supported by Google, or available for download starting November 22. BlackBerry users can continue to access Gmail through the mobile web app at http://www.gmail.com in their BlackBerry web browser. Learn more.

So there it is, goodbye old friend.

Gmail updates its Design to fit in with Google+ and we like it!

Gmail is getting a new look and we’re loving it:

Gmail's new inbox design view

Check out Google’s Official Blog Post here:


Google Motion now a reality

We showed you earlier in the week an April Fools Day video by Google for Google Motion.  Well some clever people have made this a reality in the form of the Software Library Optimizing Obligatory Waving (SLOOW)  Check out their video below:

Google Motion released in Beta

The hot Paul McDonald, Product Manager for Gmail has announced the release of Google Motion.  Google Motion allows you to use your movements to navigate through Gmail with the use of your computer and webcam.  Check out the video below for more details.

Gmail for Android (Gingerbread) gets improved copy/paste in update

Gmail for Android UpdateGoogle have updated their Gmail App available from the Market that will:

  • fix custom labels, custom colours sync issues
  • improves copy/paste in Gingerbread
  • introduction of long-press to copy text with Android 2.3
  • Bug fixes

So not bad at all, this is a very good thing indeed for both Android and Gmail lovers.

Gmail Priority Inbox

Gmail Priority Inbox - Ongoing Issues Pic

Google bring to us Gmail Priority Inbox.  It determines which email is important and flags it important.  If it makes an incorrect choice, you are able to change the priority.  Over time the system learns more about what is priority and what isn’t by emails you read and reply too, along with your own priority adjustments.  Here is the Google video to explain: