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Is this the best iPad App ever made?

Calling all Star Trek lovers.  Is this the best iPad App ever made:


News reader licks iPad

Here is another great April Fools day joke.  A news reader on Fox 5 was fooled into licking an iPad screen to test the new technology “piezo-electrics.”  The app was told to emit both smell and taste.  Although she had a hunch it couldn’t be true, she gave it a go:

Apple’s iPad 2 television Commercial

Check out Apple’s first iPad 2 TV commercial:

Do you believe?  What do you think?

iPad stand: Hanfree

Check out the Hanfree iPad stand with a difference:

iPad 2 has bleeding backlight issues

iPad 2 front and back - Ongoing Issues ImageThere has been an increasing amount of reports that the iPad 2 is backlight that bleeds.  This is much the same issue that the iPhone 4 had when first released.  Check out the video below created by David W. Martin, showing the issue.

So as you can see, this is a problem that Apple are once again going to have to deal with and quickly.  Check out the full report by David here:


iPad Stand and Holder

Ongoing Issues thinks that this iPad stand and holder is great:

Meglio: rotatable ergonomic handle and stand - Ongoing Issue Capture

It is currently a kickstarter project and so if you have some spare cash, you could get involved.  Check out the Kickstarter page here: