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Want to Snap and Shake on a Mac like Windows 7?

We use the Snap function in Windows 7 a lot when using our PC’s, but this is a feature that sadly has never been available in Mac OS X.  Well iSnap now lets Mac users have that functionality.

It doesn’t work with Microsoft Office right now and Firefox and Chrome seem to only function with the keyboard shortcuts, but we are sure they are working on this functionality as we speak.

Download iSnap here:


iSnap screen shot - Ongoing Issues


Lady Gaga’s Google Chrome Advert

Lady Gaga appears in Google Chrome’s advert.  I think it is a great way of showing how Lady Gaga communicates with her fans.  She embraces the technology fully and so this is very fitting.  Check it out here:

Google Chrome Event December 7th

Google has sent out a series of invites for a Chrome event they will be holding on December 7th.  No details about the event have been released so far, but the rumour is that they will be unveiling a Google branded, Chrome OS netbook that will apparently be limited to around 65,000 units.  I guess we will just have to wait and see.

Google Invite Chrome December 7th - Ongoing Issues Pic

Stop Chrome Quitting When Closing Last Tab

Lifehacker have posted a handy tip to stop Chrome from closing completely when closing the last tab.  It’s called Last Tab Standing:

Get the extension here:


How Chrome Web Store Will Work

Here is how Chrome Web Store is going to work:

Schedule Your Gmail Messages – 2000 Invites, QUICK!

Boomerang schedules your Gmail messages in Chrome and Firefox.  Lifehacker is giving away 2000 invites for the closed BETA.  Here is the link:


Here is what it’s all about:

Google announce release of Chrome-To-Phone

Google have announced that they will be releasing a new Chrome extension, Chrome-To-Phone.

It allows you easily send links and information from your browser to your Android Device.  To understand it check out the video here:

The extension can be installed here: