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iOS 8 Upgrade Issue – No Space Work Around

iOS 8 Upgrade ImageWe’re sure you’re all updating your iPhone’s and iPad’s with the latest iOS 8, but there are reports that due to space issues, some of you are having issues.  Check out this helpful guide from Mashable on ways round getting your device updated without deleting apps, pictures and video.




Google Drive Privacy Issues Begin

Google Drive Icon - Ongoing IssuesSo most of us are pretty excited about the launch of Google drive.  We have long awaited a feature such as this to help us store our precious data and enhance the collaboration experience even further.  But wait, the dreaded question of privacy has arisen yet again.  So who really owns your files once you’ve uploaded them to Google Drive?

Check out this post from cnet where they show you the difference in privacy policies between Google Drive and the leading cloud storage solutions Dropbox and SkyDrive, it may make you reconsider using the service:


Nokia’s Lumia 800 battery issues, fix on the way!

Nokia lumia 800 - Ongoing Issue GrabThose of you who have been having battery issues with the Nokia’s Lumia 800 then there is hope.  There will be a fix released in the few days.  Let’s hope this solves the power issues users have been having.

iTunes Home Share issues reported with new MacBook Pro

Apple Logo - Ongoing Issues ImageApple Insider a reporting on a thread on the Apple support forums complaining MacBook Pros being unable to connect devices or maintain connections through iTunes Home Sharing.  Check out the report here:




iPad 2 has bleeding backlight issues

iPad 2 front and back - Ongoing Issues ImageThere has been an increasing amount of reports that the iPad 2 is backlight that bleeds.  This is much the same issue that the iPhone 4 had when first released.  Check out the video below created by David W. Martin, showing the issue.

So as you can see, this is a problem that Apple are once again going to have to deal with and quickly.  Check out the full report by David here:


Apple iPhone 4 Conference

Apple are having a conference this Friday to discuss the issues that so many people have suffered with the iPhone 4, especially the device’s antenna.  Lets hope they don’t forget the Yellow Screen problem that customers, including people I know have had.

It is going to be interesting to see what they say.  The report released that the issue was software not showing the signal strength correctly seems to have gone out of the window.

iPhone 4 replaced due to “Yellow line” Issue

Today we took an iPhone 4 back to the Apple store due to the “Yellow line” issue being reported not long ago.  Well in true Apple style they replaced the faulty iPhone 4 right away with no issue.  10 minutes later was a brand new iPhone registered and ready to rock.

Thanks Apple.