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Smart Adopter helps you Root and Flash ROMs

Smart Adopter - Ongoing Issues Image LinkOur friends over at Smart Adopter have just posted something very helpful.  It’s a brief guide to rooting and flashing ROMs based on an HTC Desire and Android 2.2.  The one click root will however work on any of the newest HTC handsets.  The principles for the flashing are the same across the board.  Check it out here:

HTC Desire and Android 2.2/Froyo: A brief guide to rooting and flashing ROMs


Nexus One/HTC Desire with slider keyboard

The Smart Adopter reports about a Nexus One / HTC Desire with a slider keyboard:


Want to run Windows 7 Evaluation for 240 days?

If you feel that 60 days is not enough why not do it for 240 days.  Drop over to Smart Adopter on how to do so:


Free 3G for your iPad

3SIM ongoing issue imageSmart Adopter has found a great way for you to get free 3G for you iPad.  Using the 3 network (which we can not stand) and their current offer of free SIM’s, you can end up with free 3G Internet access.  Check out Smart Adopters post here:


SKY Broadband to introduce deep packet inspection

Our friends over at Smart Adopter have some breaking news about Sky Broadband planning to introduce deep packet inspection. Check out the full story here: