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iOS 8 Upgrade Issue – No Space Work Around

iOS 8 Upgrade ImageWe’re sure you’re all updating your iPhone’s and iPad’s with the latest iOS 8, but there are reports that due to space issues, some of you are having issues.  Check out this helpful guide from Mashable on ways round getting your device updated without deleting apps, pictures and video.




Instagram now posts full size pictures to your Facebook timeline

instagram logo - Ongoing Issue imageGood news guys, the amazing Instagram has now made it so that you can post full size Instagram pics to your Facebook and Timeline.

Once configured an album named “Instagram photos” will be created.  You can even share past photos by following these simple instructions:


This is a smart move by Instagram as they have now extended their reach to a potential 800 million active users.  Of these users on average, more than 250 million photos are uploaded per day.


Google explains how a Chrome OS Notebook can save you

Google Logo - Ongoing IssuesGoogle have created the following fun video showing you how an inexpensive Google Chrome Notebook can save you from loosing everything as all documents, pictures etc are stored in the cloud.

Facebook Seattle Pics

Facebook Icon - Ongoing Issues PNGWant to know what the inside of Facebook Seattle looks like?  Well check out the Tech Crunch link below.  It looks like a very poor man’s Google.


Blurry or Corrupt Photos after iOS 4 – Here’s the fix

ios4 logo Ongoing Issues GraphicUsers report that after the iOS 4 upgrade photos appear corrupted or blurry.

The cause is not clear but I am sure we will hear more towards the end of the week.  This is the latest fix we could find:

1. Connect your iPhone to your computer
2. Select your device in the left sidebar
3. Click the Photos tab
4. Uncheck the Sync Photos check box
5. Press Sync to remove the photos from your iPhone
6. Once your sync is completed, recheck the Sync Photos check box
7. Press Sync to return your photos to your device.

Inside look at the new Mac mini

Macworld give us a closer look at the inside of the new Mac mini including a comparison to the old unit.  Check it out over at Macworld here:


Mac Mini compare Macworld ongoing issues link