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YouTube release YouTube Capture

YouTube CaptureYouTube have released their new product YouTube Capture.

This app allows iPhone and iPod Touch users to share video easily and then “upload videos to YouTube, Google+, Facebook and Twitter simultaneously, or share privately with friends and family”.

There is also a nice auto enhance feature that offers “automatic colour correction, stabilisation, trimming and music tracks”.

We think this app will be successful in encouraging users to add content to their YouTube channel.  We are yet to test the app and see how good it’s editing features are, but we expect them not to disappoint.

Check out the YouTube Capture video below to give you a little insite into the  app in action:



Lady Gaga’s Google Chrome Advert

Lady Gaga appears in Google Chrome’s advert.  I think it is a great way of showing how Lady Gaga communicates with her fans.  She embraces the technology fully and so this is very fitting.  Check it out here:

YouTube increases video limit to 15 minutes

YouTube logo Ongoing Issues PictureYouTube have increased the video time you can upload from 10 to 15 minutes.

The reason for this increase is based around their copyright protection system which they believe makes it less likely that users can upload large chunks of movies.

Do you welcome the extra 5 minutes?

Get 50 Free YouTube Business Cards from MOO

moo logo Ongoing Issues GraphicYouTube logo Ongoing Issues PictureMOO have partnered with YouTube to offer its members 50 free business cards.  MOO are a fantastic company and I have toyed with the idea of using them for some personal business cards for a lot of the projects I have on right now.  Check out the offer here:


and check out MOO’s fab site here (UK link):


Can any of you really think of a good idea for having these if you are not a business.  Let’s face it, non business people are going to apply for these!

Digg V4 Video

ongoing issues digg graphicFor those of you who use Digg and are really excited about the new version, or those of you who are just plain interested to know what is going on, check out the following video:

Here you will see Kevin Rose, founder of digg.com talk you through all the new features that they have to offer.